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Great Cosmo Industries
has been in the plastic film packaging industry for more than 10 years. As our mission statement indicate, we have been developing close relationships with our valued customers from various industries and commit ourselves to fulfill the evolving expectations and various requirement of our customers.

Our marketing team has been reinforced with quality service and effective technical support followed by the best after-sales service possible for all our valued customers. We would like to emphasize that most of our marketing executives are equipped with strong technical knowledge in plastics. In addition, their excellent technical background has become the most valuable strength in our company in serving the customers efficiently. Their excellent services and efficiency have gained them the trust and reliability from the long-term valued customers.
In order to minimize complaints, we strive to improve our product quality by strengthening our in-house technical support and services that led by the quality control and assurance team. Despite our in-house technical capabilities, we always seek the expertise and excellent technical support from the leading well-known organization or suppliers to help us investigate critical issues and unsolved quality problem arising in plastic film packaging.

From time to time, we will be updated of the latest research and development as well as continuously acquire state-of-the-art machinery and equipment in anticipation of competition and rapid technological advancements in this industry. From there, we will convey this valuable information to our valued customers in order to help them in cost-efficient and enhance the quality products by applying new formulation in raw material.

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