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Construction Film

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Construction Film
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Constuction Film. We are plastics packaging manufacturer and producing LDPE construction film. We expot most of our products to Australia, Singapore, South Africa and etc

For Large quantities, kindly contact us for more details.
  • Builder Film
  • Constructions Film
  • Stretch Film
  • Masking Film
  • Auto-Packaging Films
  • Heavy Duty Sacks
  • Food Packaging Films
  • Construction/Builder Films
  • Agriculture Films
  • Embossed Plastic Films
  • Singlet/Shopping/Carrier Bags
  • Industrial Liners
  • Garbage Bags
  • Side-Sealed Bags
  • Electrical Packaging Films
  • Packaging Films for General Purposes
  • Degradable Films 
  • Antimicrobial Films 
  • Antidust Films 

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