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Commitment to Environment

Great Cosmo Industries is one of the leading manufacturers in Malaysia producing polyethylene products. Our obligation is to manufacture products that meet the local environmental legislation and manufacture in a way that fully meets our social commitments. In addition, we are responsible to manage our operations in a way, which respects and protects the environment. Our Environmental Policy is simple, “commitment for a continuous improvement on our space of living is our responsibility.”


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Commitment to Quality

Great Cosmo Industries accords special attention to all customers’ technical specifications by implementing stringent quality control procedures throughout the whole production process. Our QC inspections are conforming to technical specifications supplied by our customers. In order to achieve the ultimate objective of our Quality Assurance policy, we are equipped with a range of equipment and facilities. Such practices ensure the product quality is embedded as part of our corporate philosophy.


Commitment to Client

Clients are the most valuable assets in our organization. Our marketing philosophy regards clients as our partners and we seek to build long-term relationship with them. Our main emphasis is simple; to provide valuable and reliable products to our clients. All queries are immediately processed thru our highly trained workforce. As such, we are able to meet stringent demands outlined by our clients.

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